Maach-Mishti & More – 6 Ballygunj Place

Do you have those days, when you are craving for good Bengali food, maybe the same regular dishes stuff coming out of our household kitchen, but only a bit more presentable, refined (and maybe extravagant?) Well, it was during Poila Boishak and we were already craving for good old Bengali "maacher jhol"! But most of the restaurents... Continue Reading →

Monkey travel diaries – Road trip to North Bengal!

An impromtu road trip to North Bengal, a real haunting experience at Morgan House and even an off road adventure on the way to Sandakphu! Follow the travelogue in the next few posts of the Monkey travel diaries. It will be more pictures and less talking, and we promise that the pictures will be worth the money!

Honuman Hauntings!

Presenting the Honuman hauntings! – A series of real life supernatural experiences by Monkeys and some of their friends and relatives. In some cases, names have been changed on request. Anyone who wishes to share similar experiences is invited to send in their stories to and we will publish their stories. Part I –... Continue Reading →

। অঙ্ক ।

"একি অমল, অঙ্কটা আবার ভুল করলি? মাথায় কি গোবোর ভরা ?? এত সহজ একটা equation বুঝতে এত সময় লাগে কেন ?? এত চিন্তা ভাবনা করে শেষে এই উত্তর। গাধার থেকেও অধম একটা জীব তুই" - পুরো ক্লাসের সামনে মাষ্টারমশাই  চিৎকার করে বলে উঠল। অমলের কাছে এইরূপ ঘটনা নতুন কিছু নয়। বারংবার  বকা খেতে খেতে সে... Continue Reading →

Mother and the long nine yards….

It is funny how inane objects become precious memories. Things that you never thought of as important, things whose presence you would rather not acknowledge, and those that are so much a part of your everyday life that you never thought they were worth memories! I was getting ready for work in the morning today... Continue Reading →

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